The Product PPG™ • Permanizer®
Super Premium Exterior
Coating System

PPG™ has utilized the most advance technologies available, in the painting and coating industry, to engineer and develop the standard of excellence for exterior coatings.

Exclusive Cross Linking Technology

Using cross linking technology, the 100% acrylic resin uses combined features found in several PPG™ high performance coatings, that form a durable bond in one amazing coat.

Much like a single thread easily breaks; an intertwined rope withstands much more stress, the cross linked acrylic is far more durable than other conventional coating(s.)

Components Of A High Performance Coating

• Single coat, with a long lasting finish
• Won’t crack, peel, or flake
• Superior moisture resistance
• Tannins are trapped in the first layer of paint film
• A breathable paint film allows moisture vapors to escape and this helps
• Helps reduce, algae, mold and mildew growth.

The Only 100% Lifetime Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee in the Industry

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