Permanizer Exterior Coatings® System
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Pelican Paint Group is the exclusive residential field applicator for the PPG Pittsburgh Paint Company Permanizer Exterior Coatings® System for Louisiana & it’s entire Gulf Coast.

The Bottom Line

A Product & it’s warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it.  Our lifetime architectural coding is backed by the best in the business, PPG-Pittsburgh Paint Company.

Don’t be fooled by the other companies that claim exterior coatings are new & revolutionary technology.  The facts on the matter is PPG has been in the coating business since the late 1800s. Pittsburgh Paint is the oldest paint company in the United States, locally owned and operated since 1883.

Pittsburgh Paint is a Fortune 500 company and was rated as the most admired chemical company in the world.

For over 132 years, PPG has been the
global leader in exterior coatings & stains!

Did you know?

• PPG Coats  – 70% of all automobiles on the road today, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Chevy, GMC and more!

• PPG Coats  – 70% of all airplanes and airliners in the sky today!

• PPG Coats  – 7 out of 10 motor homes!