10 Step Process

Pelican Paint Group Certified
10 Step Application Process

  1. Initial Walk Around & Inspection – A complete inspection and thorough evaluation of your project’s exterior will be completed by a licensed and certified PPG project manager and yourself.
  2. Trenching – A series of small trenches, dug around the perimeter of your painting project, (when / where applicable, to be determined by project manager or painting crew chief,) in order to prep the work area for spraying product below the ground level, to help prevent damage from future possibilities of wicking. (Not common on raised foundation structures.)
  3. Pressure Washing System – All surfaces in the work areas will be cleaned and treated with PPG’s® exclusive pressure washing system. Our cleaning agents will kill all mold, algae, and mildew. Also, all loose dirt and debris will be removed from your painting project’s substrates, to create a pristine canvas effect; to ensure the possible coating for your project.
  4. Preparation, Repairing, & Replacing – All compromised substrates for your painting project will be sanded, scraped, repaired, and / or replaced, (determined by project manager or painting crew chief.) All cracks and gaps in the work areas will be patched, using PPG’s ® exclusive lifetime caulk; preventing any future moisture from seeping into substrates and causing possible deterioration.
  5. Masking – All identified windows, doors, shutters, trim, rooflines, plants / shrubs, and walkways in the work area(s) will be carefully covered to protect and ensure your project is free from overspray.
  6. Primer Application – Our PPG® Seal Grip Primer is applied at an average of 2800 psi for a one coat 2.2 mil dried application, to help bridge and seal any voids in your surfaces. The primer is tinted; at no additional cost to the consumer, to increase the performance of your selected coating system.
  7. Primer & Prep Inspection – Once the primer application is complete and has dried, a PPG project manager and / or crew chief will complete a thorough walk around the work areas with the project owner / manager, to ensure proper product tolerances and that all preparatory work has been completed to customer satisfaction.
  8. Manor Hall® Top Coat Application – Once the primer application is dry to PPG® Specifications, we will apply your color selection in Permanizer Exterior Coatings® at 2400 psi, which will have a one coat 2.7 dry mil thickness finish, (for a combined 5.9 mil thickness total.) All of your projects substrates will still show all of the original beautiful detail. (Permanizer Exterior Coatings® available in Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss finishes.)
  9. Trim Coat Application – All trim; such as, windows, window frames and grids, shutters, doors, door frames, soffit eaves, fascia boards, corner trim, columns, and beams will be highlighted in your selected color with Permanizer Exterior Acrylic Coating System, to give your coating project the curb appeal it deserves.
  10. Clean Up & Final Inspection – Upon completion of coating, all masking is removed, trash and debris removed from the premises, any imperfections are corrected, and any spills are cleaned accordingly. A final thorough inspection walk around with a PPG project manager and / or crew chief through the completed work areas with the project owner / manager to ensure 100% satisfaction.