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Our Manufacture

PPG™ was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1883, and is one of the oldest, most recognizable, and respected active paint companies in the world. PPG™ is still owned and operated in the USA and is a Fortune 500 company (rated 198 by Fortune.) For over 132 years now, PPG™ has produced some of the world’s highest quality paints, stains, glass, and architectural coatings for commercial, industrial, and residential applications alike.

PPG™ extensive manufacturing and distribution network is now found in over 70 countries around the world; which includes 156 manufacturing plants, 23 distribution centers, over 14,900 independent dealers, and most major home improvement centers worldwide, with over 15 ½ billion in revenue in 2015.


The Global Leader In Coatings Systems

• Rated as “The Most Admired Chemical Company” by Fortune Magazine

• The #1 Producer of Transportation Coatings – 70% of All Vehicles

• 2 Out of Every 3 Jetliners in the world

• The #1 Coating Used to Protect Countless Sports Arenas, Sports Stadiums, Domes, Universities, Military Bases, & Many Other Public Venues Around the World